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Aug 1, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >>> george zimmerman is making headlines after being stop ford speeding in texas. >>> nowhere in particular. why do you stay? >> the officer kuking the stop in texas apparently did not recognize zimmerman even after he asked him if he knew who he was. he admitted to being armed during the stop and told to put his gun in the glove compartment. he was let off with a warning. >>> and a california commute survey found more than half of the bay area workers degreive to work alone -- drive to work alone. and it indicates that 16% used public transportation. 14% car pool and 5% ride bikes but the number of commuters driving alone has actually dropped a lot from 10 years ago. however there has been a big increase in public transportation use. >>> getting close to the 6:00 hour. let's check in on the commute. >>> i'm talking about chain stores here. the traffic is doing well. i have been looking at one thing, though, that's a look at the toll plaza area here. and on my monitor. we have not had a backup yet. and the sunol grade, traffic is good. passing mission boulevard. 5 # 0 traffic coming in from
Aug 6, 2013 5:00am PDT
they think he may be headed to canada or texas. now he is believed to be driving a blue four door nissan with a california plate of 6 wcu 986. if you spot him. you are asked to call 911 or the chp immediately. >>> we have a update to that breaking news story we told you about when the rig caught fire off the bay bridge. cal trans has ininspected the bridge and there is no damage. it was near san francisco at 3:45 yesterday morning. we had that incredible video and it closed two lanes and 12 hours before they were open. the driver said they were on the way to san francisco when his tire blew out and it caught fire. it is unclear of the cause. >> chevron will pay a $2 million fine in connection with a fire. it was a year ago that the pipes started a fire that sent thousands to the hospital. yesterday chevron pled no contest to six criminal charges in addition to the fines it received 3 and a half years probation. nancy skinner called for stricter regulations. >>> and airports say all flights are back on schedule after the outage of a flight reservation system. the sabre system went off lin
Aug 8, 2013 5:00am PDT
of vandal texas happen. they were commenting on how sad it was. we hope to talk to the -- for the vandalism to happen. they were commenting on how sad it was. >>> investigating a small house fire. it started after 4:00 here the house on north idaho streets. the fire appears to have started near an electrical box. firefighters put it out quickly, no one was hurt. >>> 5:35 is the time. let's go to sal for a look at the commute. what are you looking at. chp is arriving no one is injured but the lane is partially clocked. 101. let's go to the live pictures and show you 880 north. this is moving along well. and traffic is looking good southbound as well heading to 92 and hayward area. looking at speaking of hayward. and traffic and the peninsula. it looks good on the san mateo bridge. he had been looking at the commute on 880 farther south to union city. that looks very good. 5:36. >>> plenty going on be sides having the temperatures well below average temperatures. these are the normal temperatures. 82. the forecasted high 77, 75, 74. you know down the road we have to warm up. it will be a grad
Aug 26, 2013 5:00am PDT
in the deadly fort hood texas rampage where 13 people were killed will be in court today for a sentencing hearing. major nidal hasan is facing a rare possible death sentence for the deadliest mass shooting ever. at the least he will spend life in prison. he showed no emotion, no reaction after he was found guilty last week. >>> there are reports out of syria one of the united nations experts were shot at. they were on their way to a reported chemical weapons attack near da math thus. we are hearing the inspectors have not yet arrived at the site of the reported chemical weapons attack. some members of congress are urging swift military action against the syrian government if the use of chemical weapons is confirmed. 355 people were killed in the attack last wednesday and it o that it included the use of toxic gas. >>> 5:46. today is the first day of school in oakland and the cost a lot higher for educators. california lawmakers pass a new law for public schools. they will no longer be able to require parents to chip in and pay for activities and supplies. a lot of teachers say they suppor
Aug 30, 2013 5:00am PDT
. california, texas, and florida. but the latino population continues to grow across the united states. >>> time is 5:26. i'm not a good golfer but i do know that the simple swing of a golf club has changed one man from massachusetts' life forever. are you kidding me? that 150-yard shot ending with a hole in one. jeff bar ton won $1 million. he's an amateur golfer. his name was pulled out of a hat to be able to take part in this competition in new mexico. he said he had no idea he would have a shot at winning that prize. >> i was so happy that is the ball landed on the green and then i watched it and i said what? that has a chance. and then i saw it i thought i saw it go in the bottom of the cup but then when i saw the crowd behind the green stand up and erupted that is when i knew it was in. >> here's something else organizers say the odds of winning that competition 12,500- 1. >> wow, that is amazing. >>> well, improving safety in limos. three months after that deadly fire the legislation being put to the test today. >>> it's the second morning commute without the bay bridge. we'll s
Aug 9, 2013 5:00am PDT
police say a man accused in deadly shooting rampage in texas is a former member of an all male dance team for the dallas mavericks. police say bowser is accused of opening fire at homes in southeast dallas and de soto killing four people including his estranged wife and wounding four others including several children. police say bowser was a member of the mavs maniacs from 2002 to 2009. all the male hip hop group entertains fans at dallas mavericks home games. >>> two friends of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are facing charges. the two young men on counts -- indicted on two counts of obstructing justice. investigators say the two men went to tsarnaev's dorm room after the april sat bombing and removed incriminating evidence. up until now they had faced charges of conspiracy. >>> menlo park police may soon have license plates readers in their patrol cars. the city council is considering that now. the council member says the city first needs to agree on a policy for how long that information there will be stored. the police asked for the license plate readers after a rise
Aug 12, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >>> the trial of the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people continues today in fort hood, texas. so far more than 40 witnesses described how he opened fire on unarmed soldiers back in november, 2009. hasan faces the death penalty if convicted. he's acting as his own attorney but so far he has raised few objections. >>> the prime minister played a trip on norwegian citizens when he played a cab driver. it's in a cab that people get really honest. that is why he got behind the wheel for this unusual campaign stop. some of the passengers took a little longer to realize who is that guy out there driving? norway's parliamently election is scheduled for september 9th. >>> bay area school districts are phasing out peanuts from school lunches. some school districts including fremont unified in the san mateo foster city districts. they are eliminating peanuts completely from all school campuses. that is because of the big jump in children that are allergic to peanuts. others are banning peanuts from schools. our ktvu web team has put together a special back to school section at check
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7